20 years of helping charity leaders

Fullwell consultants and coaches know how hard it is to have a maximum impact with minimal resources.

As charity leaders, we care about charity leaders and their challenges.

As the social enterprise of Hungry For Life International, Fullwell is passionate about the multiplication effect of investing in the leaders of other non-profit organizations committed to addressing spiritual and physical poverty. Hungry For Life (HFL) started in 2003 with the vision of a transformed world by a global movement of compassion and justice, evidenced by the eradication of needless suffering.

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A team to support and guide you

Abby Blundell

Certified Leadership Coach

Angela Goertzen

Certified Leadership Coach

Annalise Tower

Certified Executive Coach, ACC

Dave Blundell

Certified Leadership Coach, Doctor of Ministry Leadership (cand.)

Errol Rempel

Certified Leadership Coach, Doctor of Ministry

Hannah Temple

Certified Leadership Coach, Master of Arts in Professional Communication

Heidi Blundell

Certified Leadership Coach

Ken Anderson

Certified Leadership Coach

Mark Hutchinson

Certified Leadership Coach

Nate O’Hara

Certified Executive Coach, Certified Practitioner in Team Coaching, PCC

Paul Williams

Certified Leadership Coach

Steve Sundby

Certified Leadership Coach, ACC

Steven Moyes

Certified Executive Coach, MA, PCC

Charlotte Watkins

what we do

When we help you, you’re funding global leadership development

We set out to facilitate partnerships between churches and groups in Canada and the United States with churches and groups in developing nations. We have served the leaders of hundreds of non-profit organizations in more than 20 nations, helping them remove obstacles and address the challenges that keep us from having a larger impact. Leaders of other organizations began to approach HFL asking if we could help them with various components of leading and growing their charities.

We saw the exponential potential of investing in other leaders and organizations. Rather than competing with other charities, we became passionate about helping other organizations have a bigger impact. As a social enterprise, the funds that are generated by serving leaders and organizations in developed nations provide the funds to help develop leaders around the world.

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Fullwell’s facilitation of our Board’s strategic planning process was invaluable. I knew where I wanted to see the organization’s mission and vision go to, but lacked the ability to create a strategic road map that would show us how to get there. The tools and experience that Fullwell brought to the table allowed us to walk away from the meeting with a renewed sense of direction and energy.

Joshua Molsberry

Executive Director, Developing World Connections

What a great experience! Fullwell skillfully and insightfully led us through our Strategic Planning process. Their process and leadership led us easily through an often-complex process. Their facilitation style encouraged lots of great dialogue and input from everyone. I highly recommend Fullwell Leadership.

Jody Siebert

Executive Director, Bethesda Christian Association

Our time working with Fullwell Leadership has sown the seeds for transformational change within our association, the ripples of which will be felt across Christian relief and development organizations throughout Canada. We were reminded of who we are as an association, who we are called to serve, and how we are being invited into the bigger picture of what God is doing in and through Canadian relief and development organizations. We also laid the foundation for practical and structural next steps towards excellence and growth.

Laura Solberg

Board Chair, Kentro Christian Network

Fullwell helped us to engage with our stated vision and expertly advanced us with a road map for a vital strategic plan. The Fullwell team went above and beyond our expectations and did so with a servant heart.

Rev. Nathan Elgersma

Lead Pastor, New Life Church

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