Bringing expertise in non-profit leadership and management, Fullwell consultants act as process facilitators for leaders and their teams. We come alongside leaders, helping to address problems that keep non-profits from having a greater impact.

Organizations dedicated to our world’s greatest needs often have the fewest resources with which to function.

They are pressed to spend what little resources they have on programs and often invest very little into the health of the organization and its leaders. Fullwell makes organizational and leadership development affordable and accessible.

Ask Yourself

What pain points do we need to solve?

Having 20 plus years of experience and training in the various components to non-profit leadership, Fullwell consultants act as process facilitators for leaders and their teams. Our consultants will help you fill in leadership or process gaps and are trained to facilitate conversations and coach teams. At various points in the lifecycle of an organization, leaders experience pain points like:

How can I get my board less or more engaged?
What is the most important thing we could be doing?
We are busy, but are we effective?
How can I get our team on the same page?
How do we improve relationships on our team?
How can we raise more funds to fuel our programs?
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How we help

We are passionate about your impact.

Fullwell provides professional and trained leadership consulting and coaching to the leaders of other charities, helping to remove obstacles to a larger impact.

Clarifying Vision, Mission & Values

Every activity flows from the vision, mission and values. What is the direction of the organization and how do we decide what to do?

Board Leadership & Engagement

For any non-profit to be successful, it must have a healthy governing model and leadership structure.‍ What does healthy board engagement look like?‍

Designing & Marketing Your Brand Story

Branding is more than logos. It's your story, and the language and imagery you use to share it in the marketplace. What's your story and how do you market it with success?

Fueling Advancement & Development

Fundraising is a necessary, but often avoided, activity for almost all non-profits. How do we fuel the organization with the resources it needs?

Deciding Strategy & Planning for Results

Translating the vision into measurable objectives.‍ In all we could do, what are the most important things we should do to move toward our vision?

Leading through Conflict & Negotiation

Leadership inevitably involves conflict. How do we embrace and lead through conflict to make us more effective?

Managing International Relief & Development Activities

Best principles and practice in international project management. How do we not hurt in our helping?

Inter-Cultural Fluency & Leading Across Cultures

The complexities of inter-cultural interaction and communication can often prevent long-term partnerships from succeeding.‍ How do we successfully communicate and work with leaders from different cultures?

Planning & Leading International Short-term Teams

Short-term teams change the lives of the people who go.‍ How do we make sure short-term teams are worth the time and money?

Team Culture & Coaching
Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI)

The healthier a team culture is, the greater its impact will be. How do we improve the relationships of our team?

Leadership Coaching Foundations

Learn the essentials of leadership coaching and become a leader of other leaders. How can I most effectively support other leaders?

We can help.

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Working with Fullwell will help you avoid the feelings of being stuck and unable to bring about the change you are passionate about. We’ll help you change more lives and be a charity known for making a broken world whole.

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