Leadership Consulting for Non-Profits

Dave Blundell
Published on:
January 11, 2021

Our passion is to be a safe place you can go to process how to move your charity toward greater impact.

The organizations with the potential for maximum service to society often have to operate with a minimal amount of resources. There is constant pressure for these organizations to stay lean, efficient, humble and modest. These characteristics aren’t necessarily bad. But, taken to extremes and they can undermine non-profits ability to have the kind of impact it exists for.

This pressure forces charities to focus so heavily on its programs often at the expense of the health of the organization and leaders who deliver these programs. Leadership and organizational  development are seen as non-essential or optional, especially during difficult financial times.

John Maxwell writes, ”The single biggest way to impact an organization is the focus on leadership development. There is almost no limit to the potential of an organization that recruits good people, raises them up as leaders and continually develops them."

It’s for this reason that Hungry For Life International launched Fullwell Leadership. Fullwell is a consulting and coaching serve to charities. Our purpose is to serve the leaders of charities so they have a bigger impact.

Our process starts by helping leaders look behind the scenes at the challenges that most people don’t see but that take a lot of time and attention. Challenges like board leadership, big picture vision and direction, the strategy to move  toward the vision, branding and marketing, and interpersonal dynamics of the leadership teams. Once we identify the pain points or challenges that keep charities stuck, we stick with the leaders to help them address these challenges.

Fullwell Leadership is also a certified facilitator of Core Strengths; at tool to help relationships at work.  

We’ve also priced Fullwell Leadership so all of this accessible to ANY sized non-profit. Start by scheduling a conversation with one of us or by taking the free non-profit assessment.

Leadership can often feel lonely and exhausting. Our passion is to be a safe place you can go to process how to move your charity toward greater impact.


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